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Eva Petersson

Eva Sings in Munich as Part of European Middle School Honor Girls’ Choir Festival

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Eva Petersson will travel to Munich, Germany, in March 2024. As Soprano 1 she will be showcasing her musical excellence as part of European Middle School Honor Girls’ Choir at the AMIS festival concert, in collaboration with Munich International School. The Association for Music in International Schools, or AMIS for short, is a UK based organization that brings together students from schools around the world who excel in music.

AMIS was originally created in 1975 by music educators to serve international schools throughout Europe and the Middle East and grew over the years to include schools in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. It aims to promote high standards of musical performance by all international school students. AMIS remains a musical family, made up of teachers and their students from over 100 member schools on five continents.

Eva’s trip to Munich, the capital of Germany’s largest state of Bayern, will include several days of music practice and will conclude with her performance as part of a gala concert. By supporting the performance and study of music and by organising international concerts of this kind, AMIS aims to educate students and their teachers in global issues and cultural diversity. And that’s something that Eva supports too. Way to go Eva!