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Eva Petersson

Eva Is Back On Broadway

EP 16 May

New York, NY – Eva is no newcomer to Broadway. This year, Eva will be reprising her role in New York City as a theater actress, as she joins the Kids of the Arts Broadway ProStage summer production. The highly regarded theater group will be staging a rendition of the musical ‘A Knight at the Museum.’ The cast will have the honor to work with London-based music composer Marc Folan. Eva is thrilled to join this summer’s star-studded production.

Kids Of The Arts (KOTA) is a dynamic non-profit organization nestled in the heart of New York City. KOTA is on a mission to revolutionize entertainment, catering to audiences of all ages with innovative productions. KOTA has trained and worked with performers from over sixty Broadway productions and national tours.

Additionally, KOTA talent has been seen starring in feature films and television shows. KOTA’s performers continue to thrive in the industry with professional training, performance opportunities, and encouragement to guide them on their way to success in the arts and beyond.